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Inspections and the Aftermath

I will always recommend a home and pest inspection when helping a buyer.  Home inspections should be conducted even on new constuction.  There are always flaws.

While critical, the general inspection process is challenging.  Inspectors are licensed and regulated by the state.  Inspectors measure any house against the most current set of codes issued by the regulatory board.  That means a house built in 1970 will be inspected just like a house built in 2009.  And, of course, the older home is likely to have many issues versus current codes.

You must expect a lengthy report of "potential" issues when you have an inspection.  The inspector is just doing their job.  But, you must also realize no home is perfect and many recommendations are just that, recommendations.  Keep in mind, the house is likely to have been lived in as is for many years without problems.

As a buyer, you have the right to negotiate any types of repairs.  I am not suggesting you should accept a property as is.  What I am suggesting is that you expect some issues and take it from there.  Be reasonable and focus on the real problems. 

I always recommend my buyers try and focus on 3-4 issues they want repaired that are the most significant or costly.  You must factor in the age and condition of the house as well as the price you are paying.  It may be a good deal to take it as is or it may make sense that many items legitimately need to be addressed.

Always get a qualified inspector and feel free to ask their advice about which issues are the most significant.

Posted: Sunday, January 3, 2010 3:16 PM by Jeff Spears


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