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The CIA sent a team of 4 operators on a spy mission targeting China. None came back.In 2008, CIA operative Stephen Stanek faced a decision: cancel the operation he was running or go forward with it — as a hurricane barreled through the Philippines with a projection to veer north and miss his team's area of operation.

9/19/2020 4:00:47 AM

As Trump courts Black voters, critics see a 'depression strategy'While the president’s team touts its efforts to court a community that Republicans have long ignored, critics describe them as part of a cynical “depression strategy” designed to minimize Black American turnout.

9/18/2020 5:57:38 PM

Texas police officer charged in death of Pamela Turner, a Black woman whose killing was captured on videoA Texas police officer was indicted this week in the death of Pamela Turner, a Black woman who was killed outside her apartment more than a year ago.

9/17/2020 4:53:37 PM

US borders with Canada, Mexico to remain closed through Oct. 21 to 'slow spread of COVID-19'Neither border closure extension comes as much of a surprise: The U.S., Canada and Mexico have all seen a rise in cases since August.

9/19/2020 8:07:11 AM

Michigan residents urged to stay indoors as scientists race to deal with threat of rare mosquito-borne disease‘This is an ongoing threat to the health and safety of Michiganders,’ says Department of Health and Human Services chief medical executive Dr Joneigh Khaldun

9/18/2020 9:46:31 AM

The physician accused of performing unwanted hysterectomies in an ICE detention center is not a board certified OB-GYNThe American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology told the Daily Beast that Dr. Mahendra Amin is not certified by the organization.

9/19/2020 11:28:47 AM

Students and parents complained after a Dallas high school's class assignment placed the accused Kenosha shooter on a list of 'modern heroes'Rittenhouse was suggested as a "hero for the modern age" along with Malcolm X, George Floyd, and Joseph Rosenbaum, a man allegedly shot by Rittenhouse.

9/17/2020 10:39:26 PM

Ethiopia files terrorism charges against leading opposition activistEthiopia has filed terrorism charges against a prominent media mogul and opposition politician from the Oromo ethnic group, Jawar Mohammed, the attorney general's office said on Saturday. Jawar, founder of the Oromiya Media Network and a member of the Oromo Federalist Congress party, was arrested in June amid the widespread unrest that followed the assassination of popular Oromo musician Haacaaluu Hundeessaa.

9/19/2020 7:27:15 AM

Fears of a brain drain in Belarus as IT workers prepare to flee brutal crackdownOn the night of the Belarusian presidential elections, Andrey Fedorovich, a 27-year-old web developer with an enviable job and a big flat in Minsk, found himself lying on the ground underneath an abandoned van, hiding from riot police rampaging across the city. “I first thought about leaving when I was lying underneath that van, when I saw what kind of people live in my country,” Mr Fedorovich says. He and his wife have now decided to flee for Kyiv in Ukraine. Belarus - perhaps better known for its tractor factories - has a booming tech industry. Minsk was the USSR's designated tech hub, and now over 10,000 tech workers are based there. These workers have long enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle and were once hailed as the sole hope for the country’s Soviet-style economy.

9/18/2020 2:28:38 PM

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